📊Income and market entry

Access to the market

The company will often interact with platforms that help users exchange digital assets. In December 2022, the first listing of the GAD token is planned on one or more exchanges from the top 50 list. The company also plans to create its own trading tool that will allow users to exchange digital assets based on green blockchains and will become one of the leading liquidity providers for green money.

Getting income

The company plans to generate income through the provision of services through an ecosystem of digital products, and has:

  • receiving payment for the provision of services for the minting of tokens of the CAT2 and NFT1 standards with automatic listing within the ecosystem;

  • receiving a commission for using the bridge to transfer digital assets from one network to another;

  • receiving a commission from projects for using the Green Starter software package;

  • receiving payment for the provision of advertising services through the Green ADS product;

  • receiving payment in the form of a commission for trading on the DEX in high liquidity mode;

  • receiving payment for premium placement of projects within the ecosystem;

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