🧲Community autonomy

In addition to 32% of the proceeds from the sale of tokens, which will be spent on marketing, a software package for managing the autonomy of the company will be launched, which will be based on the DAO management model.


  • Community members will be able to receive tokens for performing high-quality tasks aimed at promoting the project as a whole (videos, articles, publications in the media, reviews, etc.).

  • Marketing assignments will be posted by community validators with a high level of karma*. After the building is completed, the validators will vote for accepting the task and awarding rewards for it at the end of each epoch.

  • Additionally, any member of the community, without having a task, can perform a useful action and demand remuneration from the community for the work done by sending an application for voting. The application can be accepted if the material is of the highest quality and rejected for suspicion of cheating or for an attempt to deceive the community.


  • Validators receive a portion of the reward at the end of each epoch, depending on their level of karma.

  • Any user who has more than 100,000 GAD on his account can become a validator.

  • Each validator will have his own level of karma, which determines his contribution to the solution of such requests. Depending on the level, the validator will receive more or less rewards for each epoch.

  • The level of the validator can be reduced for inactivity in voting and vice versa increased.

    For each vote, the validator receives karma points, karma points can be deducted for non-action.

  • After validating each request or completed task, the validators evaluate the user's contribution. According to the results of the voting, the user is awarded a certain number of points.

  • 1 validator cannot vote more than 1 time in the same vote. During the vote, 1 GAD is debited from the validator's wallet. The validator cannot cancel the vote or change it.


  • An epoch is the period during which users complete tasks set by the community to promote the project, and other users submit their requests for compensation. The epoch lasts from 1 month to 3 months

  • At the end of each epoch, users and validators divide the GAD tokens allocated for the epoch among themselves in proportion to the number of points earned for the epoch.


  • The amount of quota allocated for an era is determined by the community through voting.

  • Validators are allocated 10% of the entire quota of the epoch, which will be divided among all validators depending on their level.

  • No more than 10% of the unlocked reserves of community autonomy can be allocated for one epoch.

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