💼Company Vision

Despite the fact that Green App Development (GAD) project is commercial, its main goal is to popularize and integrate new environmentally friendly technologies by creating technological products and tools that work on green blockchains that are useful for the world community.

Basically, the project is focused on developing its own ecosystem, in which the GAD token issued on the Chia blockchain will be used to a greater extent as a means of payment.

The ecosystem being developed will include the following services and applications:

  • a mobile non-custodial wallet with many useful features, such as token minting, exchange and staking features, DAO panel access, and more;

  • wallet browser extension supporting WEB 3.0 protocol similar to Metamask;

  • decentralized exchanger supporting CAT2 and NFT1 token standard. The exchanger will have a classic mode of trading and a mode of increased liquidity;

  • NFT marketplace with the ability to mint NFT cards for everyone, and user- friendly interface;

  • service for the issuance and maintenance of tokens on green blockchains;

  • own advertising platform that supports the format of native advertising integrations;

  • a bridge that will become a conductor between other networks and networks using Chia technology;

  • a launchpad which will allow young and promising startups to raise money to implement their own ideas;

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