Starting to develop the ecosystem, we looked at other successful and unsuccessful projects, leading banks and applications. This will allow us to create a product without running into pitfalls. Our main advantages are that:

  • We will be the first who create an entire ecosystem of products for the Chia blockchain. Although some products for Chia are already being created, they are made by different members of the community. This provides a number of advantages when creating your own ecosystem of products that are compatible with each other, which will become the basis and pillar of the community.

  • We stand at the origins of the formation of a new market. Our products should become the basis of a new market and one of the main drivers of growth and bring together disparate green blockchain communities.

  • We are on the wave of a new trend. At a time when the stock and cryptocurrency markets are in a bear cycle and the economies of many countries are under pressure, we are developing products. Decentralized and energy efficient blockchains will become a new trend in the new bull market phase.

  • Strong tokenomics of the project and a distribution model that is beneficial for community members and investors of various levels, in which we took into account the features of each category of token holders.

Everyone remembers Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space and Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. Also, the Chia community will remember GAD as the first Chia ecosystem.

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